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What We Do

We respond to over 900 calls for service per year. The Cloverdale Health Care District Ambulance provides the only Paramedic level patient care in the Northern Sonoma County. We also provide services to parts of Southern Mendocino County. The services include pre-hospital critical care with transport to local and specialty hospitals based on the patient’s care requirements. Our units modern equipment include 12 lead ECG for acute heart attack recognition and treatment, Intraosseous IV capabilities for critical patient situations, numerous medications and IV fluids for relief of many illnesses and conditions. Our personnel can, when needed, talk directly to Emergency Medical Doctors directly from the scene. We do all this with local based personnel. Most of our team is from Cloverdale, born and raised. We employ seasoned professionals for certain positions, most with at least 20 years in pre-hospital medicine and management experience. With our team approach between our agency and specialty hospitals we can diagnose and treat heart attack, stroke and trauma patients at the scene and obtain rapid, appropriate services in a timely fashion to save lives and quality of life


How We Do it

Cloverdale Health Care District is a local government entity, formed under California H&S Division 23 Sec. 32000 in 1958 by a vote of the greater Cloverdale population. The current focus of the District is to provide emergency ambulance service to our 85 square mile response area. We do this on a limited budget comprised of revenue from fee for service ambulance responses and local based taxes. The taxes are for the specific purpose to provide emergency Paramedic services and other health care services as required. The District operates two state of the art ambulances, one manned 24/7 by an EMT and a Paramedic. The Board of Directors is an elected body, responsible for the overall operation and governance of the District. The Board operates under an approved budget and provides long term financial planning and prudent oversight to keep accounts balanced yet provide all the tools necessary for the effective treatment and operation our teams need to provide timely and excellent patient care.

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Board Meetings

Second Monday of the Month


209 N Main St

Cloverdale, CA 95425

7:00 PM






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